06 November 2009

a page from my baby book

yesterday's news had me thinking abt my early time in Texas. I was abt a year & 2 months old when I walkd for the 1st time. it was in Gatesville. that meant that Dad was stationd in North Fort Hood. I certainly have no memory of those initial steps. but I knew it was record'd in my baby book. so I draggd it out. this page tickles me. I need to use it as a basis of a piece.


richard lopez said...

this is beautiful. thanks for posting it. when nicholas was born you sent the best greeting i've ever encountered. you welcomed nicholas into the world and said, quote, 'enjoy your stay', which anna and i laughed with and loved ever since. reminds me of that old native-american eulegy, 'i had loved the world but could not stay.'

Bill Fogle said...

I have some of this stuff for my father (c. 1928), but only photos exist for me plus a set of bronzed booties.

I have a good clarinet from 1946.

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