03 July 2009


Michael Jackson really is news. it seems that politicians of late are revealing that they can be as crazy as some entertainers.

today we have the Alaska gov telling her troubld state to shove it while she looks to higher office.

but even more bizarre is this from that southern first lady who is trying to outdo her husband by talking too much:
“Of course I’m not saying that Mark is gay,” [Jenny] Sanford said, “but he may as well be. The moral decay in this country has claimed another victim and this time it was my family. Our marriage was perfect until these laws started passing around the country. Clearly the slow dissolution of the sanctity of marriage in America seeped into Mark’s psyche until he no longer felt compelled to abide by our vows.”

how whackd is that? the idea of gay marriage made her husband lie to his family & staff   leave his state leaderless & follow his dick to Argentina. I've heard it all.


cinemage books said...

poor thing.

AlexG said...

who's a poor thing?

MJ? Sarah? Mrs. Sanford?

or me?

richard lopez said...

i'm afraid, alex, that each time i think i've heard it all something else happens that makes the previous outrage pale in comparison.

i slap my head in frustration and wonder.

word verification [so apropo]: gasess

malibu boy said...

Sanford's speech would have been much much better had he filled it with sports analogies like Palin. You know...equate his whoring around as a "full court press". I guess people still like their politicians as dumb as they come. Otherwise why is Sanford still in office? And Palin needs to seriously get off my tv and go get a job at Fox News - where I can assure myself that I will never see her again.

cinemage books said...

I mean Mrs. Sanford, and I don't mean "poor thing" in a supportive mode. Her mind is obviously full of saw dust. You a poor thing? LOL.