03 July 2009


this is the only picture I have of myself from my 1st trip to Europe:

it was taken by one of those roving photographers at Trattoria La Beppa in Florence in the autumn of 1973.

why didn't I take a camera with me? I don't remember. but in those days we didn't document every moment of our lives. so regretfully I have no photos of myself with Kitaj or Hockney or DiPiero on that trip.

likewise in pre-digital days I have no pictures with d.a. levy or Kenneth Koch or Allen Ginsberg or Bobby Drivas or Jimmy Kirkwood or Alan Dalton or Sam Steward..... the list goes on. it's sad. I much prefer now with everyone snapping away.


Montgomery Maxton said...

yeah now everyone's a "photographer." makes me cringe.

cinemage books said...

Odd I didn't take a camera either on my first and only trip to Europe in 1971. I don't have a single photo of me there nor do I have any pictures of my exhibition at a German gallery which is the reason that I went to Europe.