14 July 2009

end of Dad's greenhouse

when I set a goal on an Elyria trip & accomplish it I feel good. this time I was determind to dismantle Dad's greenhouse. you see some of it in the background in this primitive video:

Dad built this add-on to the back of the house years ago & it got good use. however the glass panes that made the ceiling leakd & the beams supporting that ceiling were beginning to rot. so cousin Sal

& I went to work. & I do mean work. but we're transforming that part of the house back to the way it was when I was a boy.


Bill Fogle said...

OMG I can't believe you have a video of your father. There's no video of anyone in my family (except Jbr.), and the only "live" bit I have of my mother is a 10-second tape she used with her answering machine. I've never listened to it (I'm not sure I am technically able to).

You've had a great life with two long-lived parents, Alex, who seem to be remarkable people. And you have present family with whom you can share your memories.

AlexG said...

I actually have a disk with old silent home movies from the '70s but I'm not bright enuf to be able to transfer them to internet videos.

I keep learning abt such things but it's slow for me & a constant struggle with these ever-changing machines.