17 July 2009

happy birthday to Farmers Market

Los Angeles Times just ran a story on the 75th birthday of Farmers Market. the opening anecdote centers on writer David Freeman -- calld a "longtime regular" -- bringing his own spoon from home for his morning coffee when the market switchd to plastic spoons.

David was a brilliant actor-director at Kent State University. I first saw him on stage in 1961. the moments of his career there that I most cherish were his portrayal of Mr. Zero in "The Adding Machine" & his direction of "The Fantasticks." David went on to become playwright ("Jesse and the Bandit Queen")   novelist ( It's All True )   screenwriter ("Street Smart")   journalist ( The Last Days of Alfred Hitchcock ).

here we are together at Farmers Market in 1991:

& allow me to add a birthday huzzah to the market. I can't even estimate the number of times I've enjoyd this amazing spot on Fairfax. I've observd Gwen Verdon shopping there & Paul Mazursky with his morning gang. the last time I was there Bill Berger took this:

this pizza shop is run by the family of the man who had Villa Capri in Hollywood for so many years. that James Dean hangout is gone but this little bit of it remains.


-K- said...

I work within walking distance of the Farmers Market. Sometimes I see it as way too touristy but some I can see it just as it was many years ago. LA doesn't have many places with this kind of history.

Maybe I'll even take a coffee break there in about 90 minutes!

AlexG said...

wish I cd join you Kevin. maybe on a future visit we can meet there.

I know what you mean abt "touristy" but in the 30-plus years I've been going there it hasn't changd all that much. I was worried the Groove wd dwarf it but once there you block out all that unpleasantness surrounding it.