27 July 2009

half century mark

my romance with browsing came early in life. I've written abt the splendid library on Third St which had been the home of a doctor Sherwood Anderson knew & wrote abt. one of the great crimes of my city was the destruction of that magnificent edifice. & that a church was responsible adds to my distaste for religions. but I still remember roaming the shelves. & those discoveries have been with me my whole life.

these days the internet has become my library. & what browsing I do there. today I wish to mention one of my discoveries. I know longer remember exactly how I stumbld on Bill Fogle. but his writings resonatd. I felt a kinship with the way in which he presentd his reflections on his life. & then came his videos. suddenly that distinctive voice brought a whole new layer to the richness of his collage of family snapshots & random jottings. there is humor in Fogle's creations but it's often borderd with sadness. he continues to hone his skills as a video artist at the same time that he plunges deeper into some pretty dark water.

today Bill Fogle turns 50. he's been celebrating for a week. but why not? for those of us who felt death wd come early all extensions are a surprise. & half a century is a milestone. I look forward to reading & seeing more of his contemplations.


Bill Fogle said...

Oh Alex it was great to get up this morning and read this. Thanks so much! Yes, I agree that our accidental discoveries in life often become important ... better than things we have chosen for ourselves.

I'm glad that you like my stuff and aren't pushed away by its "darkness." I don't understand why there is such intolerance for the heartbreak that consistitutes everybody's life (I refuse to believe it does not). I guess the idea is that you are supposed to wear that big smile and shoulder your pain w/o mentioning it. A little too butch for me.

Thanks Alex! I'm honored to be so mentioned in your longstanding and interesting blog.

Bill Fogle said...

Ha-ha! Caught reading this again!

AlexG said...

thx for returning. it made me reread it.