13 April 2009

sometimes dreams come true

I'm a sucker for the formula in which someone who has been bullied or dismissd trimuphs.

altho I don't like the myriad of talent shows on tv these days a friend told me abt a You Tube video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lp0IWv8QZY )from a show calld "Britain's Got Talent." For some reason You Tube no longer allows it to be embedded & I can't get the link to work but do make the effort to look.

here's what Susan Boyle sd abt her life:
"I was born with a disability and that made me a target for bullies. I was called names because of my fuzzy hair and because I struggled in class. I told the teachers, but because it was more verbal than physical I could never prove anything. But words often hurt more than cuts and bruises and the scars are still there. I still see the kids I went to school with because we all live in the same area. They're all grown up with children of their own. But look at me now - I've got the last laugh...Mum loved the show and used to tell me I should put my name down and that I'd win it if I did. But I never thought I was good enough. It was only after she died that I plucked up the courage to enter. It was a very dark time and I suffered depression and anxiety. But out of the darkness came light. I realised I wanted to make her proud of me and the only way to do that was to take the risk and enter the show."

I keep watching this video again & again -- now mostly to observe that look of satisfaction on this woman's face.


Bloggy Friend Bill said...

I never watch these sorts of things (am very anti-pop culture ... very) ... but did just now and thoroughly enjoyed it. Something about her reminds me of Julia Child, of whom I have studied much (and about whom I wrote my longest poem and a published essay). The face as well as the unexpected confidence.

And of course the fact that this in some ways came about as the result of the loss of her mother ... well, it's been a wake-up call for many. Life is short.

Lovely! Thank you.

AlexG said...

glad you like it too Bill. I'm completely fascinatd by her life. apparently she was either born with or early on had some sort of brain injury. I'd sure it took guts to get out there & perform. if she does nothing more in her life she got this one incredible moment which has been seen by millions around the world.

malibu boy said...

Every person has a gift and a story to tell. It's just so difficult for people to look beyond the wrapping and beyond the noise of their own experiences to SEE what value another person holds. When video captures the moment that it is all revealed - and the person can finally gain some sort of acceptance that they just matter - that's so heartwarming or is it reaffirming?