21 April 2009


is how the news is making me feel. I'm trying hard not to rebut the last administration's bien-pensant veep or snarl at that beauty queen or wonder what the Texas secessionists eat for breakfast.


cinemage books said...

what beauty queen?

AlexG said...

Miss California who claims to be "biblically correct" in her opposition to marriage equality.

richard lopez said...

biblically what?! that phrase makes no fucking sense.

i've not been paying much attention to the news lately. i've become addicted to listening to npr but even that i've got to tune out sometimes. news, bad, fluff news, worse.

shit, all this bad news and morons in the news is infringing on my right to the pursuit of happiness, daggummit! it's bringing me DOWN!! that's just un-american!


Anonymous said...