11 April 2009

Reading Lady Murasaki in Plaza Entrada While Sipping a Mocha Frappuccino

            for Ray

doesn't matter
what country it
as long
as it is

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Ray Craig said...

alex – thank you for Entrada Murasaki

When I was growing up, my grandmother ran a Japanese inn near Tokyo University called Jakuen. She named the rooms after the character’s from Genji Monogatari – Aoi, Fujitsubo, Rokujo, Murasaki....I have slept with most of Genji’s women.

After my grandmother retired, she turned Jakuen into an international boarding house for students.

Years later in her 70s , one night she fell down the stairs and died in a new condo she purchased after selling Jakuen.

as it
is as is
unobstructed, stairs
leave no ashes