20 April 2009

some of you

may remember the name Gertrude Duryea from one of my videos:

going thru files the other day I came across a strip of portraits of her. they were taken at Brinkmier's Studio in Pittsburgh perhaps in the 1880s. she signd the back which also has this addendum in her hand: "Taken when I attended a Dramatic School."

& dramatic she remaind. when Mother & I wd visit her in the old house at 225 East Broad she was an elderly widow but had a lively wit to match an expanse of henna hair.

for some time now Gertrude's chair has been a part of my life. I like when one person's history becomes a part of another's.


Bloggy Friend Bill said...

I watched that video again about 3 weeks ago. It was important to me when I first discovered it because I was encouraged that someone else was doing what I considered "art" videos on YouTube. I felt the video's focus on the chair made it seem more like a painting or a poem.

AlexG said...

you're my favorite You Tube video artist Bill. so yr kind words mean even more to me. thx.