18 April 2009

of cats past

Jean-Claude van Itallie took this picture 40 years ago. it was the photographic debut of a kitten I'd name Moore because he was born in Jean-Claude's NYC apartment next door to Marianne Moore's.

that summer I went to Jean-Claude's farmhouse in the Berkshires to fetch the cat. in those days one cd bring abt anything on a plane. so I carried him on board in a case & put him under my seat. he lived with me in Twin Lakes & joind me for the move into town in 1980.

Moore died in mar 1982. 3 months later I again went to Jean-Claude's farm to retrieve another cat. this one was calld Tobias & eventually traveld with me from Ohio to New Mexico. he's buried in the backyard.


Bloggy Friend Bill said...

I can't imagine living my life without a cat. I love dogs, but I can picture a life without them.

Montgomery Maxton said...

V V for me bloggy bill. i want dogs dogs dogs and cats can stay away.

Bloggy Friend Bill said...

That's interesting. I love both, but cats are a little more absorbing.