05 June 2008

Rusty Nail

when I lived in Twin Lakes many years ago this was our neighborhood restaurant. the building dated to the late 1800s & apparently was built at the site of a onetime railroad station. it was a charming place which servd great steaks. Algesa & Joe O'Sickey lived almost across the highway.

the opening piece in my 1976 book Liszt & Other Lists was calld "Eat." the first section was a list of some of the people with whom I'd lunchd at Eddie's Stag Bar in downtown Kent. the other section was a list of folks with whom I'd dined at the Rusty Nail. among the latter were Jean-Claude van Itallie   Gregory Markopoulous   Gary Snyder   Richard Eberhart   Paul Metcalf   Roberta Berke   Kevin McCarthy   Tom Meyer   Jonathan Williams.

at one point Don Bentley who ran the place built a new & ugly space behind it to house his restarant while the old structure became the Silver Pheasant (which I continued to frequent -- often with my pal David Meredith who died just over 2 months ago). as the name began to change more quickly I stoppd going.

I just learnd today that last week the original Rusty Nail caught fire & has been deemd a "total loss."

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