21 June 2008


I had 2 goals for this week's trip to Elyria.

first   go thru probate & finish up Dad's paperwork.

second   redesign the breezeway.

I was able to accomplish almost both. except for 2 small tasks I'm finishd with the filing & calling & account-changing involvd in a death.

for the second here's a picture cousin Sal took of me in the breezeway just before I left this morning:

the area between the house & garage. when I was a boy it was a summer room. we had a couch that opend into a bed & when it became sultry I loved sleeping there. some years ago my parents began storing "stuff" there & it soon become an unsightly junk room. almost as soon as I arrivd I began substracting "stuff" from the space until it was nearly bare. then I rippd out the old carpet & cleand. next came new carpet. finally I got some handsome suede pillows at Bed Bath & Beyond which matchd the carpeting. by this morning it had returnd to being a pleasant & usable room which I hope brings Mom great joy this ummer.

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