28 June 2008

Marianna Bassham

College of Santa Fe has a wonderful summer program. the "new works series" brings playwrights to campus with professional actors to test work-in-progress thru staged readings.

the final produciton for this summer was today. Israel Horovitz returnd to direct a grouping of short plays under the umbrella "6 Hotels." it was a heady afternoon. but there was a special element to this show.

an actress came out who lookd familiar. when I checkd the program it sd Marianna Bassham. since she lokd so much like my old Kent friend Carlyn Bassham I had this feeling she had to be one of Carlyn & Ben's daughters. but I hadn't seen them since they were children. so after the show I askd Marianna if she was who I thot she was.

it was lovely to see that she has turnd out to be both an attractive young woman & a fine actress.

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