24 June 2008

change in Cleveland

during my Ohio visit I learnd some things from the Plain Dealer.

good news: Great Lakes Theater Festival in sinking nearly $15 million into renovating the Hanna Theater. I first went to this institution in 1960. the adviser to my high school paper   Margaret Mahaffey   had a subsciption for the season & cdn't go to the national touring company of "West Side Story" starring Larry Kert in his original role of Tony. she gave me her ticket. it was one of the memorable theater experiences of my life. over the decades I saw tred those boards such greats as Geraldine Page   Julie Harris   Cyril Ritchard   Carolyn Jones   Morris Carnovsky. my last visit was disappointing. the rows of seats had been removd to make a cabaret atmosphere. I'm so happy Great Lakes is restoring the house to its glory.

bad news: Bookstore on West 25th is closing. Mike O'Brien's happily clutterd store is down the street from the venerable West Side Market. a trip to one seemd incomplete without a trip to the other.

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