08 May 2008

thx Ray

once again Ray Craig honors me.

in his recent work Ray reproduces familiar literary covers on which he superimposes his trademark bathing suit figures. the trio of Gildzen at 50 pieces must've been a challenge. the original image is Ira Joel Haber's design for my bookplate. so we have two wildy different artistic styles vying for eye space.


cinemage books said...

I don't feel so honored that he used my image without my permission or credit. This looks like some sort of plaglarism to me.

AlexG said...

sorry you feel that way Ira.

I see Ray's use of existing images in a tradition which spans at least the last half century.

cinemage books said...

it still looks like plaglarism to me. Maybe when I've been gone for half a century it will be ok. Think I'll use something you've published in an artwork without asking permission. It right be legal but that doesn't make it right. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

While everyone is concerning themselves with how much credit they are being given, a very long friendship is being pissed down the drain. And in times that are challenging. Does this make sense to anyone? We need to love each other and, yes, respect their creative expressions but reserve the greatest amount of attention toward being there for each other, thru life's twists and turns.

Ray Craig said...


Thank you for your original vision that inspired this "tagging" to celebrate Alex Gildzen.