28 May 2008

hay(na)ku 2

Richards shouldn't
still be alive.

a Colorado University student by the name of Chris Caruso wrote this. as someone 8 months OLDER than Richards I find the poem hilarious.

there are many other provocative poems in The Hay(na)ku Anthology, Vol. II. editd by Jean Vengua & Mark Young   it's just been publishd by Meritage Press in the US of A & xPress(ed) in Finland. because a poem of mine enjoys space with work by many poets I admire I rec'd a copy in the mail yesterday from Eileen Tabios   inventor of the 3-line form. it'll take me some time to work my way thru this collection. but that will be as pleasant an activity as someone older than a Rolling Stone can imagine.

Eileen informs me that her press is offering a relase special offer. a copy of the book can be had for only $12 if orderd before 31 july 08. since you can't afford gas for that summer trip   why not send a check to Meritage Press instead. then you'll not only have something to read as you pretend the backyard is a beach but you'll have a keeper for many summers to come.

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richard lopez said...

richards it
ain't the years

it's the mileage
--so what's