20 May 2008

James Stewart centennial

despite his appalling politics Stewart was one of Hollywood's legendary leading men. just look at the list of directors with whom he workd in a screen career of 57 years: Capra   Cromwell   Lubitsch   Borzage   Cukor   Hitchcock   Mann   Wilder   Preminger   Ford   Aldrich   Siegel. & more often than not he appeard in some of the finest films made by these gentlemen.

Stewart was an early favorite of mine. this picture (which hangs in my guest bathroom) probably dates from the mid-50s. & in my papers at Kent there is a 1960 letter from the star.

it's been a while since I've seen the 1980 AFI salute to Stewart but my memory is that at the end of the program I'm visible in the circle of admirers waiting to congratulate the man. the only photo I have of myself even near Stewart is this rather bad one:

yup. I'm the penguin on the right. Stewart is shaking hands with agent John Springer. the event was a dinner honoring Bette Davis at Tavern on the Green in 1989.

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