11 May 2008

extending autobiography

one of the glories of You Tube is that it allows us all to become documentarians.

several people are presenting their lives in a series of short videos. my favorite of these artists is Bill Fogle (aka Williepee). he doesn't allow embedding of his work so you'll have to go to seek him out. but that search will be worth the effort. he's had some life. & he continues to have one. & it's fascinating.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Alex (my website hit tracker led me here). And if I may return the compliment, I was very affected by your video presentation with the "Gertrude chair" (aka "Century Dimes"). The combination of the central image with the voiceover was inspiring to me.

I agree. YouTube (and the web) have given us a chance to tell our stories. We all dreamed of being authors and artists when we were young, and now the possibility of working these memories out in a public forum is available even to those of us who did not realize a life of artistic recognition. That levels the playing field for true talent and profound memory (which some believe are inseparable, or are identical; Yeats comes to mind), and gives to everyone (not that anyone's life required it) a just epigram.

AlexG said...

one of my more antique dreams was to be a cabaret performer. I envisiond myself emerging in the spotlight at Reno Sweeney wearing a tux & a long feather boa & slipping into a breathy "Someday My Prince Will Come."

if I ever dream that dream again I'm sure you'll be in the audience Bill.