10 May 2008

growing around me

my laissez-faire attitude toward plants -- both indoor & out -- means that what survives wants to.

but I still have greenness surrounding me which began elsewhere. & looking at such stems & branches brings back vivid memories.

as I type I can see a succulent from the Bodega Bay area where I went in 1994 to see where "The Birds" was shot. in my bedroom there's a plant which Billy cultivatd in Culver City from a starter he brought back from our trip to Catalina. also little plants I snippd from their parents at the Coral Sands in Hollywood & Beach Place in Ocean Beach. & on the sill of my kitchen window cactus from Aunt Mary's yard in Sun City.

when I left Kent I gave my huge nite-blooming cereus to Maggie Anderson but I did bring a piece crosscountry with me & it's in my bathroom (altho looking rather sickly at the moment).

& outside I try to hold onto several plantings from Winckles St. 3 rose of sharons which stay alive but never get as big as Dad's. & trumpet vine which my parents grew from a starter Aunt Sophie brought from Caledonia.

these living quotations from family & friends & travels bring me constant joy & comfort.

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Anonymous said...

I have the (then tiny) cactus from my mother's bedroom window. It's only been six years since it was hers, but still the living connection is lovely to have. Last spring it almost died (I took it outdoors too soon), and I was inconsolable as the master of a sick dog. Luckily it rebounded well.