20 January 2007

sweet dreams Denny

"California Dreamin' " came out in nov 1965. I'm not certain when I first heard it. but I do have a clear memory of hearing it over the radio the only time I ever lived in a trailer.

fellow grad student George Smullen & his wife got a job working at an off-campus apartment building which requird they live on site. so until they sold their trailer I rentd it from them   living just outside of Kent at the State Trailer Park from jan thru april 1966. & I have a definite memory of hearing the Mamas & the Papas sing that song one wintry day.

yesterday Denny Doherty died   the third member of the quartet to exit. I never heard the Mamas & the Papas live. I did hear the male half of the group in a musical Andy Warhol producd in 1974. but I still have & treasure 4 of their Dunhill albums on vinyl. they were as much the voice of the 60s as the Andrews Sisters were of the 40s. & I never tire of hearing their perfect harmonizing.

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