15 January 2007

a body was found here

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60 years ago today.

this well-manicurd lawn in a pleasant Japanese neighborhood on Norton Ave in LA was then a vacant lot full of weeds & the parts of a woman. police learnd it was the remains of Elizabeth Short but no one still knows why or where she was killd   who killd her   how she got to Norton. the photographs taken that day have enterd not just the annals of True Crime but the collective consciousness of the nation. the crime continues to fascinate & disturb as much today as it did 6 decades ago.

I can't say exactly when I was first aware of the Black Dahlia -- the name given to Beth. there's an allusion to her in "Sunset Blvd" which came out when I was 7. but she's been on my mind for years. to observe the anniversary of her death I flew to LA so I cd go on Project 1947's 5 & a half hour bus tour of sites associatd with her & the various suspects authors have put forth over the years.

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