24 January 2007

progress indeed

so I was upset enuf that I kept looking into my problem. & then I discoverd that now it's easier than ever to publish a photo on the blog w/o even having to use an outside source. yes I'm slow. yes I know nothing abt how computers work. but I'm also an obstinate old cuss & I'm glad I kept after this.

so here's a picture my pal Billy took of me at Musso & Frank. it's the oldest restaurant in Hollywood & I've been going there since 1978. I love that you see the wonderful wooden booths & one of the cadre of ancient waiters that give the place such ambiance.


Vera Charles said...


Vera Charles said...

Tried to leave you a picture.
Obviously it didn't work.

From one lame old fart to another kisses,

AlexG said...

Vera doll -- I copied the url & found what you did. I think you're confusing Musso's & Pink's. but I'm still delightd that you took such troubles. isn't it wonderful that folks past a certain age (& I'll never reveal yrs my dear because I'm even older) are learning all this new stuff. I once had a prof who was doing a book which was to be calld "Sex & the Senior Citizen." he told me "I can do anything you can do -- it just takes me longer."

richard lopez said...

me too, alex. i'd been using picasa for a couple of years now, when a few weeks ago one of my oldest friends was showing me his new blog. he's gearhead, meaning he loves tools and working on cars, so he posts lotsa pictures. from him i leared an easier, cleaner way to post photos. it only took me a couple of years. at this rate i should have my links in alphabetical order sometime near the end of the decade.

wasn't musso and frank's one of bukowski's favorite haunts?

AlexG said...

Faulkner made a habit of falling off his barstool at Musso's. it was also a hangout for Raymond Chandler & Nathaniel West. altho Bukowski probably passd thru its door I think he preferrd Boardner's which is just around the corner. that restaurant was used in the film "Ed Wood."

Anonymous said...