30 December 2006


for the moment I'm still connectd to the internet but my e-mail isn't working. so I suppose you can leave a comment here if you need to be in touch.

the major highway -- which isn't far from my house -- is closd. there are no cars out on the roads.

& it's still snowing...


Okir said...

Stay warm, Alex!

Malibu Boy said...

Good morning, are you frozen in?

I didn't have email from you so I checked here to see if you made it thru the night.

Storms over here. Will spend today recuperating from a cold.

AlexG said...

internet just came back. hope it stays. not sure I want to trudge thru knee-deep snow to the store. I have enuf food for a couple of days.

& my folks calld from Ohio last nite: it was 50 there.

Laurie said...

I hope you are safe and warm...that's a lot of snow!

richard lopez said...

damn, alex!

in our part of ca
it is both cold
sunny and rainy

freezing cold
in fact

stay warm
and watch a really bad movie