02 December 2006

taking a break

from serious reading by indulging in Tab Hunter Confidential which my old buddy Ira Joel sent. so far it's more of a hint-all than a tell-all. but I'm enjoying its breeziness.

the book's worth getting just for this picture of its subject with his onetime boyfriend Nureyev Posted by Picasa


Malibu Boy said...

I'm sure that photo was taken before the arrival of Photo-shop - so can I assume then that Tab is packing authentic punch in those trunks? Mercy sakes Mr. Hunter.

Alex Gildzen said...

in his memoirs Edmund White reports overhearing his roommate having sex with Hunter in the next room. he recalls Tab shouting "Go on, boy, sit on that big daddy dick."

Brent Goodman said...

cute, they're pointing at each other!