10 December 2006

Day Project

in 1972 I wrote The Year Book which was publishd 2 years later by North Atlantic Books. always the prescient one   I knew that some day Tom Beckett wd ask us to record a day. so here's what I wrote on my 29th birthday:


1     up at 6   pee   open presents (The Collected Poems of Frank O'Hara   The Films of Charlie Chaplin   Hedda and Louella   "American Pie"   "Jesus Christ Superstar") while listening to the news   shower   shave   brush teeth   feed cats

2     drive with Charles past Lake Rockwell   thru Brady Lake   into Kent   sit in student union for half hour   walk to tower following Gary Bishop at one point   unlock elevators   open up reading room

3     long letter to Ira   short ones to Fran McCullough & the Metcalfs   post card to Ned   xerox of Jake Falstaff's obit arrives in morning mail

4     stop at Glen Frank's office to sign open letter to Nixon condeming continuation of war & resumed bombing   no one there

5     lunch over Katie's Selectric   typing my Falstaff piece for Poetics

6     stop at Glen Frank's office again   still no one

7     buy a NY Times   mail Ira's letter   catch a bus back to tower   write to Tom who's moving from a trailer (space 86   1215 Las Vegas Blvd. N.) to a house (2112 Potosi)

8     prepare card copy for exhibition observing 40th anniversary of Hart Crane's suicide   catalog Aram Saroyan's letters to John Perreault

9     on homeward bus   read George McGovern's "My Stand" in the Times

10     pee   play "Jesus Christ Superstar"   eat Paul's cheese spread on Saltines   feed cats   hear Angela Davis' love letters to George Jackson on 6 o'clock news   leftovers for dinner

11     listen to "American Pie"   read O'Hara's "Second Avenue"   Crane's "Chaplinesque"   Whitman's "Recorders Ages Hence"   Keats' "The Eve of Saint Mark"   chapters 55-57 of Moby Dick

12     birthday call from parents   Charles' chcolate cheesecake   NBC primary winners: McGovern in Massachusetts   LBJ's vice-president in Pennsylvania   McGovern quotes Yeats in victory speech   brush teeth   pee   bed at 11:11

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Malibu Boy said...

I've decided to record my next birthdays in a similar style in my journal. I think this is a good idea as my memory gets as foggy as a camera lens trained on Streisands' mug.