21 December 2006

"Classic Comics"

Ron Silliman reports that he & Leslie Scalapino were "dedicated fans" of this series. makes me remember my boyhood. I wasn't a major comics fan but did like Wonder Woman. & of course   this set.

one of my pals from Garford School was Steve Walters. he lived around the corner & down a block on Cambridge. I recall that he was a real wheeler dealer & often talkd me into trading my Classics for some dross of his. by high school we ran with different crowds. I think he became a lawyer.

I no longer have a certain memory of any specific title in this series. but I do know they were a definite part of my early "reading."


irajoel said...

I still have many of the classic comics from my boyhood. Some are cut up because I would use them for art and collages. You can buy them for cheap on line.

irajoel said...

not my art, the classic comics.