14 April 2006

sharing a cup with Cuppa

so in yesterday's mail I get this annoucement of a piano concert. & the program includes Villa Lobos. well I had to call Cuppa Meringue.

"are you psychic?"

"you bet. & I can see us gabbing over coffee. so haul that sagging butt of yrs over here."

as I was walking into her apartment (yes I have a key) Cuppa was pouring steaming Cinchona into her huge Carmen Miranda mugs. & thus began our yack session. now Cuppa has many interests so the conversation crossd more borders than a van load of illegals.

Cuppa is the least political person I know. but she follows her celebs & treats DC denizens with the same respect -- or lack thereof -- as Hollywood folk. she's equally disdainful of both parties & dismisses greenies as well-intentiond loonies. "my friend Mildred won't eat meat but has a closet full of Ferragammos. & last time I heard they weren't making them out of cardboard."

Cuppa is eternally fixatd on Condi Rice's coiffures. "I haven't seen hair that stiff since Ann Miller died." & she can't stand Hillary's lack of style. "with Jackie in the White House it was like Audrey Hepburn. but Mrs. Clinton dressd like Ellen DeGeneres. don't get me wrong. I adore Ellen's wit but I close my eyes when she comes out in those pants." Cuppa still talks abt Jackie as if she were alive. & the only time I ever saw her in black was when Oleg Cassini died recently. "Mourning is so slimming."

Cuppa's all excitd abt the generals revolt against Rumsfeld. "that man has an estate in Taos so I guess we're neighbors but I won't be bringing him a chocolate souffle when he returns. I don't mind arrogance when it accompanies competence." I think secretly that Cuppa has the hots for one of those dissenting generals.

I had to sit thru another of her harangues against that cult member who jumps on couches. she won't even speak his name & constantly e-mails Netflix to stop distributing his impossible movies. it was such a full afternoon I had to take a nap when I got home.

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Malibu Boy said...

Let's hope Rummy is run out of town back to NM, Dubya to TX and Cruise to steam room at the Scientology Celebrity Centre where he and John Travolta can have quality time together and stay off our movie screens.