27 April 2006

Cuppa won't kneel

every other shop on Bourbon St was hawking feather boas. so I bought a pink one for Cuppa Meringue. ever since she saw the picture Andy Towle postd of the pope in pink it's been her color of choice.

"didn't His Rodentness look fab? I mean   move over Molly Ringwald! I just wonder if his Prada pumps were pink too."

now don't get excitd by Cuppa's seeming infatuation with the pope. her only interest in him is as a fashionplate. religions make her nervous.

"I'm a member in good standing of The Church of Jan Sterling. you know: 'I don't pray. kneeling bags my nylons'."


Regality said...
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Regality said...

His Rodentness" & the Jan Sterling quote- LOL. Haven't thought of her in years. It sounds like you had a great time in NOLA. Good for you for helping the economy. Did you ever find out about the murder next door?

"edited previous post for grammatical error"

AlexG said...

a Native American artist with a drinking problem allowd 2 homeless men into his apartment. they haven't been chargd yet but it appears they beat him to death.

& on the way to the airport we passd a terrible wreck. someone crossd the median at 5 am & plowd into another car. one of the cars lookd like a John Chamberlain sculpture -- except that a dead person was inside. the ambulance hadn't arr'd yet. & minutes later 25 was closd in both directions for 3 hours.