22 April 2006

Big Easy

one only begins to comprehend the devastation of Katrina traveling from airport to Marigny. blue tarps over roofs. uprootd trees. markings on abandonnd homes. tent city.

but walking around the French Quarter which has always been dirty one wd never guess a hurricane happend.

however there is sadness in the voices of locals.


durlx said...

Wow. Alex, I can hardly believe that you are there... I know that you might see some things in the city that are hard to see and believe. I know that I did. Enjoy yourself and try to give some joy to the local boys, they need it.

Call me when you get back home. I'd like to hear all about your visit.

AlexG said...

of course I've been thinking of you dear Darryl. esp as I pass places we were at together.

Malibu Boy said...


I've been thinking of you as well. I am going back next Thursday for Jazzfest. I went to Mardi Gras and it was just surreal...and not necessarily in a good way. Going there is akin to visiting a beloved friend that's now on life support. You can feel the underlying emotion that people there are waiting and hoping for one of those last minute "rebounds". I think it will happen but it's going to be a very long rehabilitation and recovery.