29 April 2006

familiar faces

I'm not a fan of the scary movie. the only reason I watchd "Dead End" last nite was because I knew 2 of the cast members when they were young.

the film's star   Ray Wise   was a student at Kent State in the mid '60s. he was quite the campus matinee idol. I remember him in the musical "She Loves Me" & as Brick in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." & when Jean-Claude van Itallie came to campus in 1968 Ray appeard in his "Interview." somewhere there's film of Jean-Claude & Ray with the other cast members traipsing thru the woods near the theater. Ray is probably best known for the David Lynch series "Twin Peaks."

Jimmie F. Skaggs only has a few lines at the very end of the film. he was two classes behind me at Elyria High School. I have few memories of him but do recall he was in the choir. I knew his buddy Bill Miller better. when Jimmie tourd in "Grease" he based his performance as Eugene on Bill. this film was his last.


Anonymous said...

i'm a big fan of twin peaks (probably one of the only tv shows i've ever really watched) so it is interesting to find out more about ray...

Alex Gildzen said...

there is so much junk on tv. but when it comes to that handful of truly great shows I'd rank "Twin Peaks" with the best.