31 March 2006

life after death

it's hard to believe that Jimmy Kirkwood has been dead for 17 years.

he'd be so happy that 2 of his plays are being revivd. the beleagurd "Legends" will return with Joan Collins & Linda Evans. I saw the original production with Mary Martin & Carol Channing which had so many problems that Jimmy turnd its story into a book   Diary of a Mad Playwright.

& his longest running play "A Chorus Line" will reappear in San Francisco in a tryout for a Broadway return.


irajoel said...

UGH! what a nightmare that will be with those two no talented old hags who are so face lifted I don't know how they can move let alone perform. Why the fuck don't they just age gracefully instead of trying to look younger than their 70+ years. Never could stand Joan Collins and Linda Evans is pretty much invisible to me. I saw them both on one of those silly entertainment shows the other night, and I had such a fright. Collins is a liar, saying she never went under the knife, at least evans admitted that shes had lots of work done.

AlexG said...

I agree Evans is a non-talent but I still have a soft spot for Collins. when I was a boy I was a fan of hers. I admit that a great deal of that affection was for her portrayal of Evelyn Nesbitt in Fleischer's "Girl in the Red Velvet Swing." the shooting of Stanford White was one of those crimes which fascinatd me. & the I found the Nesbitt legend to be haunting. I admit that these days Joan looks truly scary but whenever "Girl..." comes on tv I watch it again.