13 March 2006

dream on

my net bud Luca just e'd to say I was in his dreams last nite:

we were visiting
some memorial for a young actor dead befor his day.
you were the designer of the memorial. it was
fantastical. lots of wrought iron and stone. we then
mingled with lots of people there. you knew many of
the old actors and they knew you. the only one i
recognized was ms. bondi. she looked as good as ever
for being almost 120.

don't recall ever telling Luca abt the one time I was in the presence of Beaulah Bondi but he knows me well enuf to know of my infatuation with the denizens of Movieland.

I love being in other people's dreams -- even if I don't know it while it's happening.


BlueTattoo said...

Enjoyed reading here...

AlexG said...

welcome Blue Tattoo. how strange that yr 1st visit is on the day the original star of "Rose Tattoo" died.

Regality said...

Your blog reminds me of when I was a kid and a crazed movie fan. I kept several scrapbooks of pictures of stars, mostly at the beginning of their careers, whom I thought were beautiful/sexy. You keep the scrapbook for the other end.

AlexG said...

I kept scrapbooks too. in fact the first issue of Court Green publishd my series of poems "Sonny's Scrapbook."

do you still have yrs?

Regality said...

No. I don't even remember what became of them. Too bad. It might be fun to see how my tastes changed. *L*