24 March 2006

dancing with myself

when no one asks me I ask myself. & twirl around the room to music that isn't playing.

other times I answer letters no one's sent. I call them poems.

or stroke the nape of a stranger who hasn't knockd on my door.

I've been known to expose myself to a mirror.

today I ate a whole pineapple from 2 different plates. I was so full I had to take a nap before requesting a waltz.


Andrew Lundwall said...

sounds like me

AlexG said...

shall we dance Andrew?

Okir said...

You're my role model, Alex. I haven't twirled in ages. OK, I just got up and twirled until I got a little dizzy.


AlexG said...

& just before checking yr blog Jean I devourd a huge chocolate chip cookie.

Jean said...

the joys of synchronicity! ; )

Moi said...

What a perfect definition of the art and craft of poetry... "answering letters no one sent."



Judson said...

and who shall say that you are not the happy genius of your household?