08 March 2006

in the land of kerchoo

back in Ohio we had something calld ragweed. when it came out in the fall I was a mess. so it was lovely to move to the southwest where there was no ragweed. my first several years were fine. then I began to sniffle. turns out that chamisa is the local version of ragweed. so now my autumns are a time of drippy nose & itchy eyes.

in the last few years I've begun to experience a bit of the same in spring when various tree pollens fill the air. we're just emerging from the driest winter since 1890. you'd think that wd dampen pollen. just the opposite. more people are suffering spring allergies than ever. I woke in the middle of the nite with my nose doing a Niagara imitation.

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Regality said...

In the past, many people who moved from California to AZ did so because of their allergies to olive trees. Then olive trees began to be planted in AZ. Voila! Back to square (of Kleenex) one.