23 September 2005

"under the weather"

feeling -- as they say -- punk. partly allergies which make me congestd & therefore cranky. partly skin rippd off my heel which has producd a temporary limp. partly worry abt Rita. & then that continuing malaise that the world is being run by idiots. no need to say anything more abt the president. now I'm pissd at the rodent pope & his forthcoming ban on gay priests.

but one must persevere. eventually there'll be a frost which will stop the pollen-producers. the hole in my heel will heal. we'll rebuild after Rita. hopefully Shrub will be impeachd. & if papal inanities bring the church closer to ruin how appropriate.


richard lopez said...

i'm under the weather too. tho it is lovely fall day, a day that usually strengthens my spirit. took the 3rd sickday from work. and now been napping, and reading, then got up for lunch, now soon back to bed. read in the paper about the soon papal ban of gay priests. and today, the guvanator of kalifornia is expected to veto the bill legalizing gay marriage in the state. it is extremely depressing. feets heal and colds are gotten thru. ain't much, but perhaps enough to give us something.

AlexG said...

slept most of day. unfortunately just canceld John Ericson's birthday dinner for tonite.