21 September 2005

Berlin for Governor

exactly 30 years ago I observd Peter Berlin posing on Polk St. for those who either aren't gay or of a certain age   let me say that Peter Berlin had one of the iconic looks of the '70s. his signature haircut   a body resembling sculpture   an outrageous fashion flair which includ'd the tightest pants in history. once seen that image lingers.

last nite I saw the fascinating documentary "That Man: Peter Berlin." it's the work of writer Jim Tushinski whose first foray into filmmaking was the amusing short "Jan-Michael Vincent is My Muse." Tushinski interviews Armistead Maupin & John Waters -- among others -- abt one of San Francisco's most celebratd citizens. but the real surprise is to see the elusive Berlin as he looks in his 60s.

this morning the news programs were abuzz with the posssibility of Warren Beatty challenging Arnold for the governorship of California. Beatty may have been a beauty decades ago but he turnd into a mediocre director whose career no longer means much to me. I suppose he's as qualified as anyone to challenge the bodybuilder-turnd-pol. but why not Peter Berlin? like Arnold he's a self-made man   an immigrant   a man who used his body to become famous in the gay community. at least Berlin continues to speak truthfully abt his past & to offer his world views in a take-it-or-leave-it manner.

how hard is it to be governor of California? this is the state who gave the nation Nixon & Reagan. (thankfully the Constitution can't be "fixd" in time to allow the Terminator to run for president.)

so my friends to the west of me   don't look to Warren Beatty whose ideas are as tired as that face. vote for Peter Berlin & put politics back into the streets.


jeff w said...

when zsa zsa Gabor is elected governor of New Mexico I'll consider peter berlin --

when I "encountered" PB on the Castro street back in 1978ish - 2am-bars-closing dressed JUST LIKE the photos: sprayed-on white pants, dutch school boy bowl-cut hair, and his magazine persona strut, I thought to myself: My God! is this a parody of "being gay" -- I yelled: It's Peter Berlin -- like Paul Revere shouting: The British are Coming.

I retreated to the great mustashioed Marlboro beauties -- standing in the beer soaked shadows -- so popular in the mid-to late 70s -- and have ever been fearful of meeting 2 dimensional (magazine) beings in the 3rd dimension (on the street).

peter berlin for governor.
o god! these are the last days.
rita will sweep us all clean.

AlexG said...

hey Jeff -- I don't think Zsa Zsa has been in NM since she & Conrad Hilton had their honeymoon at La Posada in Albuquerque.