20 September 2005

slap that Holstein

I've never been in a Carl Jr. & presume I can safely journey thru the remainder of my life without entering one. however   I must applaud their parent organization for hiring a creative ad agency.

their commercial   "Cow Shake"   is hypnotic. it's the perfect blend of sound (Sean Paul singing "shake that thing") & image (a hot young man "dancing" with a cow). if the latter seems preverse that's no doubt part of the commercial's allure. the look on his face combines with the moves under his jeans for a bit of magic.

& if anyone can identify the actor   let me know. not since Ben Curtis did the Dell promos have I been so captivatd by someone in a commercial. this guy has an offbeat sexuality that's most appealing.


tejaz said...

lordy, i love creative commercials. thanks, alex.

Moi said...

Wonderful! What a great commercial! And the actor's bulge is quite a thing to behold. Looks like he is enjoying his work.