17 September 2005

silly musings (partly because serious ones are getting me down)

Bob   my Fort Worth pen pal   & I have an off & on discourse abt Martha Stewart. he's a devotee. I find her lacking as a human being.

however this morning I broke down & bought a product stampd with her name. I was in need of a new mattress pad for the bed in the guest room. & I found that she had an Egyptian cotton one on sale. so I brought it home.

it boasts a 200-thread-count. I realize I'm in peril of forfeiting my gay card but I have no knowledge of thread counts. so I don't know how good (or bad?) that mite be. & I wonder if the pad is under a sheet why its thread count matters.


jeff w said...

oops: see above the one above.

Charles said...

Thread count describes the softness & silkiness of cotton sheets. The higher the thread count, the more "luxurious" the sheets feel. The more threads, the more flexible the sheet becomes.

300 thread count is usually a good middle-ground if you're buying on a budget—you can often find nice sheets at outlet stores for $100 or less. And it pays.

The sheets with the highest thread count--"sateen"--are so dense they feel like satin sheets.

Another nice alternative to high thread count is to buy damask sheets (which have stripes of high thread count next to stripes of lower thread count) or jersey knit sheets, which are soft and stretchy, like your favorite t-shirt.

AlexG said...

in winter I usually use flannel sheets.

sateen sound Palm Springs. along with a ceiling fan & wicker chairs & a pool boy bringing fresh towels.

Charles said...

That's Palm Springs? That sounds dreamy to me! ;)