23 April 2015

"Ohio Triangle"

an announcement today from John Burroughs.

& here's what I wrote on Facebook:

it's a bit difficult to realize that I have another birthday this weekend. & I know all my dear friends are pondering what to get me. instead of the festoons of flowers & chocolates & jockstraps I usually receive I have a humble suggestion. please purchase a copy of my new book. I've been working on this collection for more years than I like to admit. but I'm so proud of this book. nothing wd make me happier this birthday than to share it with you.

& for my friends across the pond my publisher informs me that you can save international postage by ordering from yr own country's Amazon.


John Burroughs said...

I can't say enough how thrilled and honored I feel to have had the opportunity to be involved in the publication of this fine book. Cheers to you, Alex!

Alex Gildzen said...

John -- you are amazing. you do so much for so many poets. we are all grateful. thx again for bringing out the early versions of sections of this work & now the whole thing. this book is important to me & I can't thank you enuf for putting it out there.

christina said...
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christina said...

I have done so! And am looking forward to reading it it once It arrives.
wishing you a happy birthday Alex!