02 April 2015

"A Book of Memories"

into today's box of books going to Kent is my copy of this 1993 KSU Press imprint.  I remember having some friends sign my copy (a la high school yearbooks).  but looking thru it one last time I didn't remember just how many signatures I collectd.

here are those of true crime writers Albert Borowitz & Jonathan Goodman. the photo was taken on the nite of a library gala I organized in 1990.

another true crime writer signd the book -- the late Leo Damore. & I discoverd as well signatures of astronaut Carl Walz   novelist Henry Van Dyke   football star Jack Lambert   childrens author Virginia Hamilton   entertainer Bertice Berry   fantasy writer Stephen R. Donaldson   historian Lawrence Kaplan & many others.  also all 3 editors (including the man responsible for my library career -- Dean Keller).

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