27 February 2013

my own private phylogeny

a week after putting together another book of rain poems  I saw Ivor Francis deliver a rain sonnet to John Ericson in “Alien Zone.” at the moment it happend I knew that once again a snippet of film had become part of my evolutionary development.

this has been going on my entire life.  if what I record in Alex in Movieland is my actual history this collection of film fragments is a sort of parallel history. many of these moments are quick & some are of dubious cinematic quality. some of these moments have power only when they happen. I can remember a moment & upon seeing it again wonder why it was so important to me.  others can be seen & enjoyd viewing after viewing.

this other is a slippery history which I can’t pass on.  I don’t know when I became aware of it.  & it has no chart. it simply swims in my blood.

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