25 February 2013

the problem

with the Oscarcast is the producers are never sure if they're putting on a variety show or an awards ceremony. so it inevitably begins with a half hour wastd on the host doing schtict.

I've never seen Seth MacFarlane before.  he's cute & I'm sure his timing will improve with practice.  but he needs to fire those teenage boys who are his writers.

some online have gushd abt the singing. I have been a fan of both Dame Shirley & Barbra.  both woman had vocal trouble last nite. Adele however is at the top of her form. but she sufferd from incompetent sound engineering & wasn't always heard over the orchestra.

as for those endless dreary acceptance speeches the Academy shd instruct all nominees to review the footage of Gloria Grahame accepting her Oscar.

the highlight of the evening was Jennifer Lawrence's fall -- until the surprise appearance of the First Lady.


Alex Gildzen said...

all right. MacFarlane had one brilliant moment: his introduction of Meryl Streep.

cinemage books said...

I don't find him cute at all, he looks like a rat, that smirk. I'm no big fan also of adele, she makes me long for winehouse, think of what she could have done with that song, adele is middlebrow. Streisand has lost her voice, and that face oy. I thought bassey was wonderful loved when she put her hands on her amble hips. I really love Jennifer Lawrence,so intelligent, and funny, watch her press conference. She handled her fall with humor and grace. The worst for me was renee zeegweller, looking greasy and drugged, and that thing from those vampire movies on limped on with stage also so stoned, and kristin chenoweth, she is really horrible I've always hated her, that awful voice of hers, think of what she's going to look like in ten years, I shut it off after they started that dreadful song, the oscars are crass and vulgar, always have been, we like to think of them as being golden back in the day. Nostalgia .