14 February 2013

"A Novel Valentine"

twelve sailors all in blue
half a dozen curious chauffeurs
the Chinese doctor
broke into their ballades

their molecules shuttled to and fro
smelling in the dark for the blood
floods of blood

the truck driver sings
of gingersnaps
a red nylon posing strap
a piece of fabric from a silk umbrella
the celluloid rustling of insects
100's of love letters

piano keys wrinkle
navigating us safely to our beds

the lines of this poem were borrowd from the following novels
 (in order of appearance)
The Great Gatsby
Ladies of the Rachmaninoff Eyes
Moby Dick
Mrs. Dalloway
The Grapes of Wrath
The Day of the Locust
The Exquisite Corpse
Confederacy of Dunces
The Asiatics
Tha Black Dahlia
Nocturnes for the King of Naples

                                                                  feb 2003:SF

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