24 February 2013


I startd watching as a child. & over the years I was quite the awards junkie.  even creatd my own early on.

but with time I grew to despise awards as crass & political. however I still like watching some of the awards shows.  usually the Tonys are the best.  Kennedy Center Honors can be entertaining. & before they startd handing them out to undeserving youngsters American Film Institute's life achievement awards were essential.

the Oscars are often the longest & most boring of all the shows.  but as a cinemaddict I find myself tuning in year after year hoping for that rare special moment.  I really don't care anymore who wins.  so many Oscar choices are ridiculous.  & this year I've seen so few of the films I don't even have personal favorites.  but I guess I still hope that for a short time I'll be transportd to that faraway nite when such an event cd thrill me like no other.


Stephen said...

Terrific post on a favorite subject. Did you win for Best Short Subject?

Alex Gildzen said...

I may be shrinking but I don't consider myself short