06 October 2012

that debate

everyone declares Romney the winner.

I was so depressd I had to clean house.

but the more I see clips from that nite the more I wonder how history will judge the debate.  it's clear that Obama was off stride. but that take-charge facade Romney presentd seems less lustrous with time.  I'll avoid discussing his obvious lies & flipflops. his rudeness was unpresidential. can anyone see him acting that way on the world stage?

Romney's unpredictibility caught both president & moderator off guard.  that doesn't excuse the poor performances of either.  but in the long run it works against Romney.  it enforces the fact he has no core.

I suspect I won't watch any more debates.  I know Obama is the superior human being & the better intellect. & my penchant for anxiety doesn't need the stress.

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