04 October 2012

a film brim with dash & fetish

the debate was a bummer.  so this ayem I postd this on Facebook:

historically I've found meds & therapy less helpful for depression than housework & movies. so this morning I've been cleaning up & tonite will be Frances Farmer.

& here's one of the comments:

Oh, Frances Farmer, the role model for mental health.
(thx Stephen Rutledge

wellllllll... tonite I saw "Son of Fury." it's not a great film but is so watchable. the black & white cinematography is luscious. & it has a good cast. yes quite the assemblage of troubld souls. it was the last film Farmer made before her downward spiral. the other female lead was Gene Tierney who had her own fragile grasp on mental stability. then there's the men: Tyrone Power (who had a kinky private life) & George Sanders (who committd suicide on my birthday). but it was a romp & did ease me out of my depression.

& I still think we have time for Romney to hang himself with all those lies.

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