10 October 2012

I knew Charles Farrell

as a mature man before I knew him as a young hunk. when I was a boy Farrell -- who was mayor of Palm Springs at the time -- made an acting comeback.  he playd the lead's father in the sit com "My Little Margie."  this was so popular that when it ended he got his own series "The Charles Farrell Show."

but he began his career in silent films. he went from extra to leading man.  Farrell was over 6 feet tall & built -- often appearing shirtless. historically he's best rememberd for his work with co-star Janet Gaynor & director Frank Borzage.  last nite I saw one of their collaborations.  "Lucky Star" has a ludicrous plot but I was taken by Farrell's touching & natural performance. when it was over I sent him a kiss backward thru time.

I enjoy visiting Palm Springs where Farrell is an institution.  he was one of the founders of the famous Racquet Club where some claim he inventd the Bloody Mary. & others claim he was gay. it's been some time since I had seen one of his films & after watching this endearing performance I'd like to see more. perhaps one of the many film festivals which Palm Springs hosts will offer a tribute to him.

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