30 August 2010

serial dreaming

I don't think this has ever happend to me before.

2 nites ago I dreamt I was assisting in organizing the holdings of painter Bernique Longley after her death. last nite the narrative continued exactly where it left off in her attic.

when I was young I had a recurring nitemare but I don't recall this sort of thing happening in my dreamlife.


Bill Fogle said...

Fascinating. I can hardly believe the dream continued a second night. Had something relating to this been in your thoughts?

AlexG said...

I have no idea why this happend. the longer I live the less I know.

& thx for reading Bill. sometimes I wonder if I shd continue to prattle on here.

Bill Fogle said...

OMG don't you dare remove this blog. I'm still trying to learn from you. The brevity and pith. The "purity" n the writing.

AlexG said...

once again Bill you're too kind.

I do enjoy posting here -- even if it seems as if few are reading. but that's been my writing career from the beginning. I do appreciate those who have botherd reading over the years.