16 August 2010

when you're gone.... you're gone

Sheila Smith casually mentiond in an e-mail that Kent State has a new dean of libraries.

I've been retired for some time now so I suppose no one left at Kent remembers me. I long ago gave up thinking my opinion abt Special Collections wd ever be askd.

but it does feel odd after so many years of service to be so out of the loop.


Jim McCrary said...

Alex, aint that the truth...regardless of in or out of loop...we lie in the ditch by the road...ai yi yi.

And I wonder what to do with my
'collection' of mid century poetry pubs....do you know what to do with yours?

Take care.


AlexG said...

even tho the Kent library doesn't do a good job of keeping in touch I left blood there. so they're still getting my papers & books. in its day Spec Coll had one of the country's best contemporary poetry collections. but I don't know if they've been able to keep it up.

as for yr stuff Jim I'm sure there are any number of libraries that wd jump to get it. in fact if I were still at Kent I'd be knocking on yr door instead of writing this.

cinemage books said...

They also have my papers. Guess I'm ok with that. Of course when I gave them you were there, and somewhere I thought you would always be there.